Please download Java(tm). Name: Gabriela
Nickname: Valka ShiAi
Birthdate: 7.01.
Location: Poland

Drawing: I've drawn since I was a child. I usually draw Japanese manga; my first "teacher" was Naoko Takeuchi (Sailor Moon), my style had been shaped by CLAMP and Akira Toriyama (but it's not similar:)). My favorite mangas are: X/1999 (by CLAMP), Fushigi Yuugi (by Yuu Watase), Dragon Ball (by Akira Toriyama) and also Vampire Princess Miyu and Jean Kaito Kamikaze. My favorite animes: Angel Sanctuary, Dash! Kappei, Slayers. I usually draw by crayons with computer effects (Corel PhotoPaint 9). My inspiration is figure skating. All in all I know I'm not the best cartoonist but I think I'm not bad:). I can show my fellings through my works.
Scans: All my drawings are scanned by EL BI plus. Thanks!
Figure skating: Figure skating is my hobby since Winter Olympic Games 2002. I've fallen in love with the sport because of Alexei Yagudin's... tears:). My favorite discipline is male figure skating and favorite skaters - Alexei Yagudin and Sylwia Nowak&Sebastian Kolasinski. Actually I don't skate because of my health:(.
Other hobbys: Japan, sport, internet
Languages: Polish (of course:)), English, learn by myself Russian and some Japanese phrases
book - "Bezsenność w Tokio" by Marcin Bruczkowski,
flower - blue rose,
food - Japanese food,
drink - tea, milk, red wine:),
place - home

Contact: gg: 3982368
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